Technology is getting really good at removing people from photographs

Got up early and had a granola bar before filling the backpack with a few more snacks and two canteens of water. We’ll do a 5 mile loop and be done in two hours and grab some lunch!

Almost five hours later, I think we’d unintentionally seen everything along this (kinda confusing) network of trails… The Devil’s Bathtub, Upper Falls, Old Man’s Cave, Naturalist Cabin, the A-Frame Bridge, Whispering Falls and probably a few other things.

(Maps and signage were wanting and we got a bit lost.)

We survived and didn’t have to use the SOS feature on the phone to get airlifted out.

I kid, the paths were filled with oodles of folks. School is about to start back up so families were out in full force this weekend. In fact that image above didn’t look like that at all. Here’s the real view and a few more snapshots along the way.

Lower Falls at Old Man’s Cave Hocking Hills

In hindsight, for the next hike:

  • Bring hiking poles!
  • Pack handkerchief
  • More food
  • Learn how to use the AllTrails app
  • Don’t wait so long — get out now, again, often