A tiny bit terrifying and entirely exciting gamble

First weekend day with no obligations afforded a trip to a garden center.

I felt totally lost without mom.

Usually I’d go as chauffeur, enjoy all the colors and nod in agreement with the choices she’d make for her garden. With the tables turned I had to look up the difference between annuals and perennials just to be sure what was what.

Can we take those flowers out of the hanging baskets and put them in pots? (The helpful associate said yes.)

Does just afternoon sun equal full sun? (Another yes.)

We picked up some flowers for the porch, a few roses to replace the ones that didn’t survive last season and a hydrangea for the back yard. Oh, and a couple lilies just for giggles.

It all felt like a tiny bit terrifying entirely exciting gamble.

Rose and Hydrangea on a cart in a garden center