I look forward to the replacement of this bridge

I’ve lost count how many US President’s have said they’d fix the main artery of I-75 between Cincinnati and Covington. The Brent Spence Bridge has seen better days. There are accidents aplenty, chunks of concrete have fallen on to vehicles and a fiery crash between semi trucks happened in 2020.

It was built to support 85,000 vehicles per day and sometimes doubles that capacity. (Wikipedia)

The only good thing is the recent removal of the 4th street entrance ramp from Covington, which likely ranks among the worst traffic engineering designs when it was active — with a merge ON the bridge with multiple lane spits that would require getting from one side of the road to the other. It was harrowing.

It’s still harrowing insomuch that there are no shoulders — just a tight four pack of lanes that are a major trucking route.

I can’t figure out where the latest plan landed, but it might look like these renders below from the Brent Spence Bridge Corridor website.