The Shoulder Seasons

I was chatting with Emily and she mentioned travel in the shoulder season — the period just before or after peak season. Where those land on the calendar is dependent on a particular region or climate.

Some say it’s called shoulder season because of the need for a scarf or shawl around the shoulders, while others believe that the term comes from being the “shoulders” of the peak period.

I prefer to believe both explanations can be true — because in this instance, a preference or belief doesn’t hurt anyone.

I made a diagram because there weren’t any good ones on the Internet.

diagram of shoulder seasons
The Shoulder Seasons

Anyway, I started to think about shoulder seasons in Ohio. I just had a friend out for a stay and I believe shoulder seasons are among the best times to visit the Midwest — you get all the spring flowers and trees in bloom, and then the fall foliage on the other side. Coupled with modern antihistamines? They’re lovely times.

Speaking of flowers, my brother dropped off a little vase with Lilacs and Lily of the Valley today. I keep moving it around the house to regard it in different light.