The Henry Ford

Made another visit to The Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation (previously: the House Industries show). I was hoping to catch the Scooby Doo exhibit but it had ended earlier in the month to be replaced by a Julia Child one.

One of the first things we checked out was the Mathematica exhibit that Dan knew from his childhood. Turns out it was designed by Ray and Charles Eames and it really deserves a movie or coffee table book (or both). Here’s a short video clip from the museum.

Physical models of mathematical phenomenon by Ray and Charles Eames

We popped around to different parts of the museum but barely scratched the surface. The Future section seemed to end with the iMac, probably time for an update there.

And between the cars and Swatch watches you’ve got things like a table and chair from Abraham Lincoln.

The last room I wanted to visit housed A Journey Through Hallmark® Keepsake Ornaments. There were 7,000 ornaments made between 1973 and 2009! This is just a snapshot of some of the miniature ones. Again, I could spent an entire day looking at all these.

Hundreds of miniature Hallmark Christmas ornaments