Common question through the pandemic: When things ease up… where would you go out to eat?

My first thought was always Benihana!

I hold this hibachi grill in the highest regard. I can’t explain why IT JUST IS. (Also? They have those grill vents that essentially suck up all the air in the room — a health feature!)

Right after Benihana were places like Sotto, The Precinct, Mama’s on Main, Libby’s Southern Comfort or Mita’s. (The list changed based on whim.)

We ended up breaking our streak at Prime before Paula Poundstone. It was lovely.

With a guest in town we ventured out again, securing a table at Mita’s.

I didn’t take any good pictures but I did pick up matches which in many ways is superior. The meal? It was excellent.

Bonus after dinner photo includes this mural with lights on the 84.51° building by Chase Melendez.

Man in front of LED artwork