Time capsule

I’ve been pulling out boxes of things in the basement that should be sorted and no longer stored.

I found this old iPhone 3GS and wondered if it still worked.

As long as the 30 pin connector is seated just right, it operates dandy — and what a time capsule it is!

Old texts, voicemails, the camera roll — all of it a snapshot in time. Many of the apps worked and still had data cached. I would fathom modern apps would rely on a network connection to draw anything on the screen.

Where things left off in May 2011:

  • Text – I was coordinating a cocktail at PF Changs
  • iBooks – still had a lovely page turn animation
  • Flixter – Bridesmaids was about to come out in theaters
  • iOS4 – That dark linen background of those new folders was delightful
  • Frenzic – still works (and you can still get it today). Wait… ALL the games work, including Wurdle.
  • Twitter – was super simple but enough to convey SwissMiss’ enthusiasm
  • Hello Mr. Smith
  • Birdhouse – Worst key party ever.
  • Foursquare – I was mayor of exactly one place, Tiny Tina’s Barber Shop

There’s so much more packed in those 320×480 pixel screens… music Shazam’d, articles Instapaper’d, random notes, attempted drawings and a long list of AIM friends offline. But my favorite part was listening to an old voicemail from mom.

I don’t think this is an object I’ll be able to part with anytime soon.