Paula Poundstone at the Taft Theatre

There was no parade or green beer this St. Patrick’s Day, but there was a delightful night out with friends. The first stop was eating inside a restaurant… It had been 1091 days for me — a streak I’m glad is broken, but not yet my new normal.

Dinner was at 5:30 so the dining room was empty. It filled up by the time we had a tableful of desserts.

Baby, intentional steps.

And oh my goodness is was lovely to enjoy a meal not made or delivered. (I’m over-selling the experience as there have been oodles of outdoor dining adventures along the way.)

After the desserts were cleared we headed to the Taft Theatre for an evening of comedy with Paula Poundstone.

She was fine and all, but large chunks of the set felt re-hashed or flat. My favorite bit was some repartee with a Veteran in the front row during the closing minutes. All that said, I still dig Paula and super enjoyed an evening out.

Paula Poundstone on the marquee of the Taft Theatre in Cincinnati

Today’s track lifted from Seth Werkheiser’s Goodnight Metal, Friend Mix #40 (which is excellent for working!)