Not a Blazer

What I thought was simply a cool truck turned into a fun virtual stroll to piece details of the photo together…

That’s not a Chevy Blazer but a solid example of badge engineering by General Motors. This GMC Jimmy is parked in front of the The Carnegie Center of Columbia Tusculum that once had a life as a public library and VFW. Now it’s a community center with the fine pedigree of being designed by Samuel Hannaford & Sons.

Popped down to this neck of the woods to grab lunch at Daylily Bodega.

Four enthusiastic thumbs up for their chopped cheese (snapshot) which was so hearty a side of soup wasn’t necessary.

Additional bonuses included the large patio seating out back, a great mini-market and take-and-bake enchiladas that served as dinner later in the week.

Tip of the hat to Jan-Paul Koudstaal for today’s jam.