The Home & Garden Show

Richard and Chris had extra tickets to the Home & Garden Show and I’d never been, to my knowledge.

I once was told it’s good adding ”to my knowledge” after most statements of fact, especially if you’re in a courtroom. Since memory is blurry (hence this photo journal), I like to pepper the addendum freely!

Anyway. The show was kind of whatever, with as many booths for CBD oils as there were for gutter guards, windows, garage floors and mega massage chairs that encapsulated people in cocoons of upholstery.

There were also aisles for shelf stable foodstuffs and bric-a-brac—like the print of ‘Cincinnati greats enjoying Skyline Chili’ above.

Highlights included the outdoor shed buildings and wandering the aisles with friends.

Afterward, we crossed the river for dinner at The Standard and braved dipping temps on the patio that used to house gas pumps. Cocktail menu leaned sweet, food was solid, will happily return.

A service station converted to a restaurant with outdoor dining where the gas pumps used to be
The Standard, Covington