We coulda made a podcast

When it came time to empty the last remnants from the building in Northside, Tom agreed to move it all up to the farm shop to sort out later.

I finally got there to grab my stuff but we kept finding things to catch up on instead of the task at hand. (There was also a lunch break of salmon with peanut sauce from this recipe, which I’m noting as I want to make it and put it on everything.)

It was easy to get distracted as I hadn’t been up in a while and there were old and new things to look at, like an Uppercase magazine with a cover image and profile of Sophie Smallhorn (page 36), plus this feature on granny squares (page 88).

A spread from a magazine with granny squares
Uppercase Magazine: So Hip to Be Square

Bonus? Tom’s been setting up to record audio and we sat down to do a little test of the equipment—and by little, I mean very super tiny. Also? It encapsulates my least favorite kind of podcast: People laughing into a microphone: