Kathryn said let’s do Topgolf, a driving range entertainment venue thing. Even though I don’t play golf I’ve always been curious what goes on in the extra-large netted sprawl in the burbs.

Turns out, it’s like darts. There are huge targets out in the field and each of the golf balls have an RFID chip. If you make a shot inside a target, points are tallied and put on a display like bowling. Oh, and the balls are different than regular ones… They’re limited to not go as far—pros that want to work on their game would want to go to a regular driving range. This place is for fun.

They provide an assortment of clubs, individual heaters for your outdoor bay, and a limited menu drinks and food that are mostly fried, but good in the scheme of things.

I did great our first round of 20 hits, but by the end of our slot I was firing zeroes.

Overall? I’d do it again, but now I want to drive a golf cart.