Back in the heyday

Sometime this week I needed a moment of mindlessness and re-downloaded a farm sim I played with friends 10 years ago.

Hay Day was fun way back then. It didn’t require very much brainpower at all. Tap to plant some corn, feed the cows, make a loaf of bread or harvest some apples.

I don’t know if I’ll keep playing for much longer, but for now I’m enjoying the visits to my virtual farm. In this instance, while waiting for oatmeal to finish with morning coffee.

I also decided this was a pivotal gaming moment that should be filed away in the annals of favorites. I’ve expounded a bit more with a few more screenshots at the link there.

Unrelated: I should have realized Fatboy Slim used samples on Praise You… It was such a delight to hear the origin of the hook in today’s currently listening track by Camille Yarbrough.