A thing to remember the thing

Stumbled upon my old Starred Playlist on Spotify and was transported back to 2014. A song by Lindstrøm reminded me of a friend and inspired a spate of text messages.

I made a screenshot to remember the moment, and now I’ve made a photo of taking another photo of a laptop displaying the screenshot—a recursive reminder in small hopes of clinging to a memory.

In 2014 Spotify removed the button that would add a single song to your “Starred Playlist.” It was replaced with a heart icon that saves a song—or album—to your Library. (Lamenting on Reddit)

Seems like a minor change, but it really wasn’t. That Starred Playlist was a list of favorite songs — a smorgasbord of serendipity that reflected moments in time. It was my happy place—I even subscribed to friends’ starred playlists.

This was special and outside The Library, the place I use to save entire albums that I already dug or save ones to give a spin.

Mixing favorite songs with a shelf full of albums kind of ruined the whole thing. (I’m also aware one can still save individual songs to this starred playlist, but it’s a series of menus and not just a tap on an icon.)

Now when hearing song I like, I take a screenshot or a photo—a messy system that sometimes works.

(Also, I always liked this album cover—adding it to my inspiration folder.)

Lindstrøm Six Cups of Rebel album cover
From the Pitchfork review “tracks like De Javu struggle with a misdirected explosion of percussion that flattens out into a farty bass riff smothered in layers of percussion”