A more compelling set of use cases

Dense day trying to fix some technical issues across an ocean. Turns out some security protocols were doing their job and preventing the likes of me from mucking with things. Issue resolved, I closed out the day with an intense need for a snack and decided to make hummus from scratch for some dang reason.

I used this hummus recipe thinking it might be like Aladdin’s. I used too much garlic and it was kinda lumpy because I don”t own food processor, and it was good—but not Aladdin’s good.

Like pizza, I’m starting to think hummus might be best left to professionals, but I’ll give it one more try. I refuse to get a food processor without a more compelling set of use cases though.

Closed out the day with a new book… Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore because I always enjoy Robin Sloan’s newsletters and I’m continuing a theme of reading about bookstores.