Long story short: I’m good

Today was a follow-up appointment with my oncologist after the last one in October revealed concerning blood work numbers.

That visit was a wake-up call and I knew I needed to make changes if I wanted to influence any sort of trajectory.

The first realization is that I was working far too much, saying yes to everything—a residual stance from early pandemic days that saw a significant decline in paid work. Things ramped back up eventually, but started to barrel out of control. I just kept adding more balls to juggle and was chained to the desk later each evening.

So I closed out some projects and nudged others off the calendar.

The next bit was/is harder… Changing health behaviors.

I hadn’t been regarding diet, alcohol intake or activity levels for some time. (Hello pandemic.)

I didn’t jump in all gung-ho as the holidays were approaching (lame excuse), but I started to identify short and long term goals.

As 2023 rolled in I made a concerted effort to curb drinking, eat fewer processed foods, less meat and more vegetables. I also re-instituted a bedtime ritual that included reading books over screens and added some skin care rituals to boot.

Overall I’m starting to feel clearer, more in tune, and just better overall.

My visit with my oncologist today was gangbusters—blood work numbers had gone back to levels two years ago! Are they perfect? Not one bit—but they’re acceptable. That means we don’t need to escalate things (treatment / chemo / etc.).

So, yay. I’m good (enough, for now).

Is this a result of the aforementioned changes? I’ve no idea. Maybe a little?

I’d be more thrilled, but there‘s a major thing I’m struggling with—a low motivation for proper exercise…

Ever since Larry passed, I haven’t found the gumption to work out with regularity.

It’s been almost two years since he died. I still have his workout slots on my calendar, thinking I’ll start doing it on my own and make his spirit proud.

Alas, I haven’t.

I need to.

This is my reminder to do so.