The bright side

This artwork doesn’t have terribly much to do with the post, but it’s what caught my eye on a cold, cold Monday that was filled with lots of sitting at a desk, trying to stand up enough to satisfy a watch with bio-metrics and my best interests in mind.

It’s a piece from my friend’s kid. I took it off the fridge to flatten and appreciated the gradient in the sliver of morning light that rakes quickly across the kitchen.

After the birthday party yesterday was the playoff game between the Bengals and Kansas City.

We “lost.”

It was devastating.

I’m using quotes because a couple of extremely questionable calls changed the outcome.

All this coming from someone who really is Not a Sports Person or knows what’s going on most of the time, but even I was like, WTFBBQ. (I will admit I also marveled over the ability of KC’s quarterback to successfully pass the ball on the tail end of a tackle, more than once.)

I’ve had some time to calm down and regard the thrill of the entire season. The joy of seeing the team find their legs. The harrowing consequences of the game itself. The coming together of folks near and far in support. And that I can open up and get fired up about something historically so foreign.

Dan Sinker (in his new and excellent blog) wrote a post about finding passion for soccer (football) with his family over winter break — musing, “being open to change is probably the most important thing we can do for ourselves.

I’ll chalk this all up as a win.