Embroidery scissors

Mom had a set of these stork shaped scissors.

I would sneak into her sewing kit and play with them for some reason. Maybe it’s because they felt like some sort of puppet or were made from metal and not plastic like toys were.

I picked up a pair recently and wondered why they’re storks.

I’ve now read several articles on the internet and have chosen to believe the common thread: They emerged from midwives in the late 1700’s. Back then they were clamps used to stem the flow of blood in the umbilical cord, stork shaped because… babies. (Behind the stork myth.)

Midwives often did needlework while waiting in the delivery room and kept their medical tools alongside their sewing kits. As time passed, the stork umbilical cord clamp evolved to the stork embroidery scissor.

Sure, I’ll buy that.

More history and photos: Caterpillar Cross Stitch, Cisleieror (scissor Co.) and Peppermint Mag,,