The Last of Us, again

Watched the first episode of The Last of Us on HBO.

The video game it’s based on is incredible and grueling—a favorite not only for it’s mix of stealth, resource management and combat—but for the heaviness of the actions and story combined.

It’s a game where loss actually lingers.

It’s also very cinematic, so seeing it played out in live action feels natural… and grueling all over again.

Since episodes drop weekly I thought I’d jump back into first Last of Us game, now remastered for PlayStation 5.

Post notes 1/31/23:

  • Finished the game last night. It’s just as devastating as I remember.
  • We also watched the third episode “Long, Long Time” with Bill & Frank… They deviated from things implied in the game and twisted them to entirely new levels of emotion. Incredible.

2/20/23: Just finished playing The Last of Us Part II and have added both games to my favorites.