10 years with Edie

10 years ago I brought Edie home from the Animal Adoption Foundation. (Here’s her first post on here.)

She’s grown over the years, and not just in girth. She’s less scared of visitors. Her trills have become louder as she attempts to communicate. She stopped trying to game the automated feeder. And sometimes, she’ll even just get on my lap and chill out (in the instance above, adorably face down).

Life is better with her in it.

I’m sure she would agree that life would be better with an endless plate of Temptations and Churu Puree treats.

Folks asked where her name comes from, and it’s an amalgamation of Edies below.

“Little Edie” Bouvier Beale, Edith from Downton Abbey, Edie Falco and Edith Windsor