14 Terabytes

The 8 Terabyte drive that contains almost every digital trace I’ve made since 1999 is nearly full.

It was time for the next backup device—a need that arises every 2-3 years. As file sizes increase, so do capacities of drives while prices go down. The new drive is much larger (14 TB) with Thunderbolt 3 cable that is the same shape as other USB-C cables but apparently faster.

Now begins the monumental task of moving things from the old drive to the new. I have backup software that balks at moving things all at once, so I move large folders manually… Projects. Music. Movies. Website. Games. Fonts that Adobe won’t allow in 2023. Icons. And then, photos…

A folder of photos from any given year range between 250 MB to 900 MB. These take the longest.

The hard part is not the amount of time it takes, but to avoid peeking in folders and getting lost in reminiscence.

File copy dialog MacOS