Another full day in the Keys while a polar vortex began sweeping across Northern parts of the country.

Started the day with lunch at Mrs. Macs II and the fish was delicious. When I checked in on Foursquare Swarm I was amused to see it was naturally part of the category “used to be a Pizza Hut.”

Mrs. Mac's Kitchen II in what used to be a pizza hut building.
Mrs. Macs II

From there it was off to Walgreens to pick up drinks for a hike. They had these dumb full screen monitors in lieu of glass doors on all the coolers. Upon opening you were greeted with poorly lit shelves with scant inventory—what a bizarre and pointless use of technology. (Zoom in below)

Closed out the day with a little fire pit action and then retired while watching the first episode of Tim Burton’s Wednesday.