The 1975 at their very best

Saw The 1975 at the MegaCorp Pavilion. Yes, it’s called MegaCorp Pavilion, which is slightly better and definitely funnier than the original name of PromoWest Pavilion at Ovation.

Regardless of name, it was a crazy intimate venue to see The 1975 on their latest tour. This joint holds 2,800 on the inside! (For a point of reference, they’re just about to perform for two nights at the O2 arena in London that holds 20,000.

I very much enjoyed their staging of their last tour in 2019 at Riverbend and was looking forward to seeing what they’d come up with this time around.

The 1975 projected on a blue curtain

After the blue curtain fell we were treated to what felt like the set of a play with a house decorated for Christmas. Camera operators would move in close around the stage and their projections made it feel very much like watching a television program being recorded.

The band stacked the setlist with their new album for the first half while lead singer Matt Healy smoked and drank and fumbled around onstage in a bit of dour character. They wrapped up that chunk with him getting a tattoo on stage that read “I AM A MAN.”

The second act was a brighter and less moody play through of their greatest hits.

Really enjoyed the show, reserving judgement on the venue. We were in bleachers. No modern venue should have bleachers.

If you’ve got Amazon Prime, you can stream their show from this tour at Madison Square Garden.

The 1975 perform on stage at the MegaCorp Pavilion