Thanksgiving 2022

The last time I went over to Aunt April’s for Thanksgiving was in 2004—and unlike that day in Louisville, I failed to take enough photos this time around.

My aunt is now back in Cincinnati and this was her first Thanksgiving in the new home. All her sons and their families were in attendance and it was truly great to see everyone together.

My uncle was particularly anxious to get started filling a plate or go to Golden Corral, but everyone managed to assuage his impatience. This meal would turn out to be a way better buffet.

I particularly enjoyed having a moment on the couch trying to figure out how to put on the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade with my cousin’s newly engaged daughter, Natalie. In a short span we realized lots of overlaps of interest. I have a feeling our Youtube algorithms are aligned and include rainy walking tours of foreign cities and a handful of chefs.

Everyone feasted and after sharing streaming passwords to get some holiday fare on the television, it was time to go.

Josh & Natalie

Nerd Tangent: The original gallery of photos from that day in 2004 represented an era of dial-up modems which warranted lots of data compression and screen resolutions averaging 800×600 pixels. In other words, the picture are SUPER TINY.

I can’t believe I created separate HTML pages for Every Single Photo back then.

Then I went down the rabbit hole of finding the original 5MP photos from a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-F717 and made an updated gallery.

It’s simpler to create galleries online now. I think Exposure makes some of the best, but WordPress has a decent option, though it would benefit from making it easier to enlarge and swipe through photos.

/ End tangent