Channel 5 Live

I first came across Andrew Calahan with his interview of folks at the Talladega Superspeedway (Video link with warning, it’s not really safe for work and frankly, most homes.)

Andrew has a way of interviewing folks on the fringe and getting them to open up. He brings a distinct perspective to journalism that can tread into mocking, but never without genuine curiosity.

He rolled through Cincinnati and the show sold out quickly. (It was in the Taft Theatre ballroom so capacity was tight to begin with.) They added another show and Casey snagged tickets.

The evening was filled with exclusive footage of interviews (a few wouldn’t pass the muster of content moderation of YouTube), an impromptu talent contest with local folks, and closed out with a round table and Q&A.

Oh, and there was a preview of his upcoming documentary about the January 6th insurrection airing on HBO.

Here’s the trailer: This Place Rules.