The View at Shires Gardens

I do my best to support local restaurants by having meals on their patios, getting takeout and delivery, etc, etc. I’ve avoided eating inside since, um… March 10, 2020.

I don’t feel pride about this statistic, it leans toward shame—but it’s not that either. It’s just, a thing. A thing creates endless friction.

Turns out Casey’s mom also likes to exercise caution.

During her visit we wanted to get out for dinner and were lucky to find The View at Shires Garden has tables in heated igloos and greenhouses on their rooftop patio.

So we booked one and even though the wind was ripping, we stayed cozy in our little greenhouse enjoying cocktails and a delicious meal.

Turns out, there are more of these outdoor igloos and whatnot around town. But I can confidently give two enthusiastic thumbs up for The View.