Humans, popsicle, ribbon cutting and a drive-thru

Popped over to Northside to see the official opening ceremony for John Arthur Flats (previously). It was quite the turnout with lots of familiar faces. Snagged this image of Phil in motion above. I should learn a thing from him and ask to take a photo and then frame it up proper. He’s got a knack for snapshots, and making art, and working with wood, and being a kind and awesome human. Wander his site and you’ll come to the same conclusion.

Extra bonus, they had Honey Child Pops on site handing out delicious popsicles. This one was mango mixed with magic and now that I see they are sold locally in grocery stores, I’m leaving immediately after hitting publish on this post to get some more. (Postnote: A man of my word)

Honey Child artisan popsicle
Honey Child Pops
John Arthur Flats in Northside, Cincinnati, Ohio
John Arthur Flats

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Bonus shot: Dodge Charger in combined KFC and Taco Bell drive-thru:

A maroon Dodge Challenger in the drive thru of a combined KFC and Taco Bell.