All over the city

The USS LST-325, a 328-foot ship used in World War II during the invasion of Omaha Beach on D-Day was parked at the banks of the Ohio. This would be the last day to tour it for the time being, it was Sunday and the weather was spectacular.

Thanks to recommendations from the wedding the previous day, we carved out time for brunch at Mid-City Restaurant. Verdict: Extra super good.

We walked down to the ship and it became clear the line was long. Like, really, really, long. Casey was still invested so we parted ways. I’d go explore the city and he’d hunker down for the tour.

I spent a chunk of time on a swingset and then admiring plants and trees at Smale Park before heading north to stop in the CAC and grabbing a cocktail at Pilar.

Casey wrapped up about this time. We reconvened and headed further north to check out Somerset and see a FotoFocus exhibition with works from Alice Cusson.

There are a dozen more photos of random bits of the city from the day, but I’m already cramming too much in this post!

(I should also mention, I brought a proper camera and forgot a memory card, so everything here is iPhone.)

Extravagant bar interior
Somerset OTR