Kathryn’s 33rd

Kathryn sent an invite through the post well in advance that included a date, their new backyard deck location and mentioned a seafood boil.

It’s taken some years for it to sink it, but when Kathryn sets plans in motion this way, it’s going to be something special.

We got there while a pair from Garnish Catering was getting dinner in order. Tangent: This local catering group shifted to pre-made meals over the height of the pandemic. Kathryn and I took advantage of their varied menus more than once—as everything was always extra good. (They’re back to doing events, large and small, but bring back carryout menus from time to time.)

While the seafood boil was boiling, a dozen folks mingled and enjoyed the mild early autumn evening.

There were lots of introductions and a bit of corn hole before we gathered at the big table for the meal.

Terry got up and raised a glass and shared a toast that put the moment into perspective. How they’d moved into this house hoping to have many of these get-togethers, delayed by the pandemic. This would serve as an inaugural moment to hopefully plant a flag for many more.

We closed out the night around a fire, full of good food and pockets filled with piñata candy.