What do you do when you aren’t visiting funerals?

This Jaguar E-Type Hearse is the latest addition to my shelf stable of toy vehicles.

I’m building out the collection slowly with more intent these days, finding vehicles attached to memories—in this case Harold and Maude.


Maude : [Maude is driving Harold’s hearse through a cemetery] Hey, this old thing handles well! Ever drive a hearse Harold?
Harold : Yeah.
Maude : Well! It’s a new experience for me!
[the hearse is seen squealing through a curve]
Maude : Good on curves! Shall I take you home Harold?
Harold : Uh, this is my car.
Maude : [looks at Harold] YOUR hearse?
Harold : Y’hearse!
Maude : Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!
[the hearse is seen screeching to a stop]
Maude : Then YOU shall take ME home!

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