This is an exercise

In my attempt to stay on track I’ve been keeping paper lists in notebooks. Thing is, these pads of paper get shuffled around, pages turned, random notes made… All of a sudden that to do list is completely out of mind.

I’d been eyeing Jeff Sheldon’s Analog system and hovered over the buy button many times. It commands a premium—but I kept coming back to it.

Sure I could use set of notecards and a recipe holder, but I appreciate a certain tidiness to a workspace and I’ve long appreciated the quality of all things purchased from Ugmonk.

The more I thought it over it seemed like the right solution and investment, so I pulled the trigger.

Now there’s a list, always visible on my desk. The wood base and tactile design of the cards (designated for “Today” lists, “Next” and “Someday”) look and feel good. Blank stock and old cards are filed away in the base.

I’ve been using this system for a month and it’s working.

Whenever I get distracted, my gaze shifts and see what needs to be tackled. I’m getting more done in a day.

It’s not all rainbows, but those faults fall squarely in my court.

Two things became apparent: 1.) I overload the list. 2.) I have too many deadlines.

These are interconnected.

As much as I try to distribute and delegate, I’m just circling wagons hoping to find some secret essence of singularity—that one item on the list that is the thing. But I also know there is no one thing…

This is an exercise.