The beginning of something new

Spent the evening with Ray and Sheila as they get their house in order to pack up and head West. We stayed up late and woke up leisurely, touring the basement and garage for things we might want to take off their hands.

During this sifting Ray pulled out a photo album from the late 90’s when I went to visit him and experienced my first gay pride parade, in San Francisco!

So much of that day seared into my memory, but there was one group that stuck a bit extra. The “Beige is Beautiful” float had folks with coordinated outfits that included beige.

If I could go back in time I’d run up to the float and plead, “Why?!” and hope for any scrap of an answer.

An old photograph of a Gay Pride Parade in San Francisco in the late 90's. A float that reads BEIGE IS BEAUTIFUL is filled with folks wearing beige clothing
The Beige is Beautiful float from pride in San Francisco, circa late 90’s

Before we headed back home there was petting of the fluff that is their pup.