LEGO 10497 Galaxy Explorer

Woke up to a nice rainy morning with nothing on the agenda. Flitted from reading to photo editing to video games, but wanted to do something different.

Broke out the new LEGO Galaxy Explorer set and went to town. They’ve been reinventing old sets with modern twists. The most recent is an updated and expanded knights castle and I’m tempted, but man, that thing is HUGE (and pricey).

This one was just right, scratching nostalgic kinesthetic itches.

LEGO has started to break up pieces in bags to build sections at a time. It makes things terribly efficient, but does take away some of the fun OCD nature of yore. All that time organizing like pieces into piles isn’t really necessary anymore.

But it was still fun.

LEGO pieces in blue, gray, computer screens and clear yellow windows
6 photos showing the steps of building out a LEGO spaceship set
Two LEGO astronauts sit in the cockpit of a spaceship
LEGO Galaxy Explorer spaceship assembled on a coffee table