Lost and found

The beach was dense, denser than the snapshot above. Competing sound systems blasted reggaeton music from every direction. We were there to try and meet up with a woman that found my phone after I dropped it in a frenzy to exit a cab.

(Insert a period of hours, returning to hotel, putting phone in lost mode, and getting a call back to return to the area.)

We got there and somehow she heard the cellphone ring over the cacophony. Even with our broken Spanish she gleaned we were by the bar at the top of the beach.

Two women emerged through the crowds, waving a phone above their head. We rushed together and I pantomimed all the gratitude I could as Casey gave them a hug. I gave them the cash in my wallet as thanks and we parted ways. Mucho gracias on repeat.

(Mental note: Next time traveling, put a message in the local language on the lock screen in case of loss. Apple’s tools to communicate are limited and the requirement of two factor authentication makes using another device really tricky when trying to track it down.)

Aside from this hiccup and happy ending, we really enjoyed the meal that brought us to this local enclave of San Juan. El Nuevo Acuario had excellent cocktails and seafood and the wait staff helped out tremendously letting us use their phone as a wifi hotspot.