Old San Juan

Picked a heckuva day to visit Old San Juan. The city was hosting a weekend of celebrations for 500 years of existence along with an opening ceremony for an international Regatta. Traffic was at a standstill, so after sitting in a rideshare for an hour we tipped the driver and got out and made a long walk to the first fort, Castillo San Cristóbal.

After that we threaded through the narrow streets in search of a Piña colada. Several places claim to be the inventor of this rum cocktail with pineapple and coconut. We chose the patio of Barrachina. The drink was fine, the food was aight.

There’s a vibe throughout the old city that feels polished for cruise ship folks with a few hours to spare at port.

Closed out the the afternoon exploring Fort San Felipe del Morro and then making the trek back out of the crowds forming in the city, beyond the lines of stuck traffic to hail a cab for the rest of the journey back.