2022 Northside Fourth of July Parade

After a two year hiatus the parade resumed in Northside.

My brother went all out to capture the spirit of mom’s favorite day of the year and put his spin on things.

He set up a hot dog buffet, made mini cherry and blueberry delights, flowers were in bloom, vegetable gardens overflowing, and he put up all the decorations.

Everyone spilled out from the porch to the steps and the street.

The parade kicked off on time and was fairly tidy, clocking in about 45 minutes—shorter than usual, but the vibe was there.

Super happy to see my brother carry the torch for the day. He even ended up on the news (50 seconds in).

At the end of the day I caught the horrible news of the mass shooting at the Highland Park parade in Chicago.

It was already a challenge to find the gumption to celebrate this particular holiday. I don’t know how to parse all the feelings but this regularity of heartbreak is not tenable.

A drone shot of a house filled with parade watchers
A full house spilled over into the sidewalk
Dancers in a parade photographed by a drone
Dancefix kicks things off
A plate of food with fruit, a hot dog and a small cherry delight pie
Last but not least, the feast!


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