Been having lots of time travel dreams. Maybe they’re daydreams.

If I traveled to 1973 maybe I could meet Saul Bass as he was designing the Paul Harris logo (fresh on my mind as this patch just arrived in the mail.) Five years later he’d use similar silhouettes in the Girl Scouts logo.

Girl Scouts logo with three silhouettes in a green clover shape

In 1973 I could see Elvis perform in Hawaii as it was telecast live worldwide.

I’d snag an Evel Knievel stunt-cycle, go see Charlotte’s Web in a theater, and watch the launch of Skylab.

1973 is also the year when Roe v. Wade established women’s liberty of choice and ushered in new possibilities for health care and IVF.

I’ve had other time travel dreams. They’re less nostalgic and more the sort where you go back and nudge the timeline a little and alter the course of history.

I’d go to 2016 and lay groundwork, imploring friends and family: They’re literally saying the worst parts out loud. Please think of your wife. Your daughter. Your sister.

This affects everyone, even you. Shit’s going to have repercussions and you may lose things you hold dear.

I know it is not pragmatic to live in daydreams, but it’s where my mind wanders.

The real work is ahead. Again.