Cincinnati Pride 2022

Today I marched in a pride parade for the first time. I love watching them from the sidelines but this was an elevated experience.

We didn’t even have candy or popsicles or a float but the energy from the crowds along the way was super invigorating.

I mean, we did have three girls in our group doing cartwheels and that amped up the cheers quite a bit.

I thankfully brought mom’s rainbow umbrella and srsly think it saved my life.

By the time we got to the densest crowds at Fountain Square I thought I might pass out. (Thanks TikTok for all the breathing exercises to work through panic!)

In hindsight, next time there will be a wagon with a cooler and water involved, and I will train in advance, walking in the heat of the day to get sturdy.

Because at the end? It was invigorating to be around such a large, enthusiastic and wildly diverse crowd of folks to celebrate a moment in the shadow of so much utter nonsense.

Two bearded men with sunglasses and a rainbow umbrella
Casey and me
Pride parade watchers on a sidewalk
The kids are a’ight
A group of folks in colorful garb hold up signs in favor of women's freedom for medical care and choice
A girl does a cartwheel in a parade
A person has rainbow striped socks and tattoos that read "strong" on the left calf and "proud" on the right
strong & proud
Two brothers take a selfie under a rainbow umbrella
Caught my brother as we were leaving the festival!