Hard to pinpoint

Having three days of non-oppressive heat were restorative to the soul. So many things packed into the days, it’s a challenge to capture.

But this Sunday was chock full of good things.

An afternoon poolside. Introducing friends. Snack mix. A good playlist. Conversations filled with curiosity and tangents. Reapplication of sunscreen. A dinner out that included really good cocktails and hotdogs. And once the sun set, an evening outside contemplating bucket lists.

Potential fun tangent: The phrase “Bucket List” originated with the 2007 Rob Reiner buddy film of the same name. In an apparent “Mandela Effect,” or mass false memory, everyone seems to think they’ve been using the phrase in their lives long before 2007… Here’s a podcast all about it: The Internet Says Its True.

And here’s the hot dog I ordered (sorry for the food pic, the light was so good)… It had bacon, American cheese, coleslaw & crushed grippos (bbq potato chips). It’s called the Trailer Trash:

A hotdog with bacon, american cheese, coleslaw & crushed barbecue potato chips
The Trailer Trash hot dog from Senate