Candlelight Swift

Ever so cautiously getting back out and doing things. Would have loved to kicked off this evening eating inside a restaurant, but just not there yet. We were hanging our hats on some patio dining but the 90° heat crossed that off the list, so takeout it was!

The centerpiece of the evening would be a Candlelight Concert of Taylor Swift music by Stringsource Cincinnati.

I have to tip my hat to the group behind these pop-ups that span live music, exhibits, cocktail parties, murder mysteries, tasting events or projections of Van Gogh inside an abandoned TJ Maxx. It all feels packaged for the ‘gram, but there are some core underlying elements that elevate the experience.

One of the best parts? For these concerts there’s a no photos policy until the last two songs. It was super lovely to experience music without a barrage of screens lighting up.

Other good things: Using local musicians and venues that may have been empty. Plus also? New contexts and experiences to open minds.

Would I do it again? Totally. They’ve got a slew of candlelight concerts and other experiences around the world.

I tip my hat to Kathryn for bringing me along, and for sharing the video below!

Stringsource Cincinnati performing Taylor Swift’s “You Belong With Me