my sis and brother

For the first time since my sister moved back to Cincinnati, we finally got it together for brunch. (She’s the one that pulled all the strings, I just made a casserole.)

In the blink of an eye, four hours flew by filled with laughter and stories and oh my word, do I have some family history details totally wrong!

Man I wished I’d kept a childhood journal… I’ve fabricated entire family lore with zero foundation in reality.

Apart from catching up on *waves arm broadly around* everything, we lamented the lack of get-togethers championed by matriarchs of the family, now passed. Yes, the pandemic didn’t help (nor does divisive politics in the broader context), but extended family time has been dwindling for a while—and we didn’t think it’s just us…

For a second I thought it might be the false connectedness of social media, but this train feels like it started the leave the station years before algorithms got involved.

Food for thought, and more importantly, something to identify and correct.

In this moment, I only wished I could have spent even more time with my sis and brother.

It would have been even better if Robert brought a Cherry Delight.