2 for 1

After a few jam packed weekends, a Saturday with no agenda emerged and it was nice to wing it.

Dutch’s Larder – Sandwiches at a new (to us) place with a towering side of potato salad on a tucked away patio.

ACE Hardware – YouTube’d how to caulk a shower, picked up supplies and cleared out their stock of rhubarb hand soap.

Provisions for dinner included pork chops at the end of their refrigerated shelf life, 2 for 1.

Finished an unpublished novel by a friend and had a virtual toast with some Q&A.

Prepped a breakfast casserole for the morning.

Grilled the pork chops to near perfection thanks to one of the first Kickstarters I backed: The Meater. Even the first generation works like a charm (if the phone remains near the bluetooth probe).

Blurry snapshot of a mobile app for a meat thermometer that reads 12 minutes remaining for a pork chop cook time
12m remaining