A new marquee, a memory

I’m glad to see the 20th Century Theater is getting revived. Word is it will continue to be an event space for rental, but they’re also going to bring back live music.

I’ve been there a handful of times way back when. Those moments live largely undocumented outside of the parameters of this journal, and they’re somewhat blurry, but warm.

Here’s a few shots from 2007 when The National were touring Boxer at the theater (setlist).

I could spend an entire retirement digging through old photos, letting out little sighs, catching my breath and marveling the passage of time and the moments that were.

Then getting up off my rocking chair and finding new ones.

A band performs on a small stage with a dense crowd. The photo is tilted and blurry
The National at the 20th Century Theater – June 15, 2007
A guitarist is in the foreground on stage while the lead singer is out of focus in the spotlight to the left
The Boxer tour
A singer stands at a microphone performing on stage