A most excellent reminder

A while back Kathryn had me pencil in a vague birthday date on our calendars.

I honestly hadn’t thought it would be for my birthday, that was months ago!

And like a 50 year old, I had already forgotten about it (and forgot to add the date to my calendar.) When she picked me up I had no idea what was on tap.

Turns out she rented a pool for the afternoon, packed snacks and a picnic. Terry and Casey were in on the scheme and brought my trunks, towel and coolers with drinks.

Kathryn reminded me I’m 50 all year, and that alone is reason to celebrate as much as I want. Today was a most excellent reminder.

A man with sunglasses and a hat takes a selfie in a pool with three folks floating in the background
The swimming
A spread of food outside that includes a salad with strawberries, snack mix, croissants, spicy peppers and chicken salad
The spread
Two beverages in cozies that read "Fifty Squad" and "Fifty AF"
The cozies
Fir trees frame a blue sky and clouds
The weather