I’ma need like two shots in my cup

The weather was looking fine in advance. If everything lined up, this would be a most excellent pool opener of the season. There were a few birthdays to celebrate, plus also there were new planters to provide shade for drinks, new umbrellas, the good ice machine was filled along with coolers.

Everyone brought something for the snack table. I made some Southern Belle Funeral Sandwiches, an unfortunate name for ham and cheese rolls, but they’re goooood.

Bonuses included seeing Ed for the first time proper in years, good new music playlists and Clara’s joy for a new teddy bear.

Sadly undocumented: nordic braids by the hands of Joe.

A child and man have goggles and glasses on in a pool while the young one flashes a rock sign with her hand
A young girl opens a teddy bear gift
New birthday bear


  1. What a fun day this was. You can call those Sammie’s anything you want. They were delicious.

    The Nordic braid was epic.

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