The App Icon Book

This book was an unexpected surprise. I had seen the Kickstarter for this history of iOS icons and filed it away and promptly forgotten about it. If I don’t set a reminder for something, it simply disappears.

Luckily Andrew was on top of things and picked up an extra copy. When he showed it to me we went through every single page. A lot of “I remember that one!” and general marveling at how well the whole book is presented and organized by era, theme, designer and even color.

Every once in a while there are profiles of designers and discussion of how icons are created and how they’ve evolved.

An awesome snapshot in time and great addition to the library.

Spread from a book with an interview of three designers from The Icon Factory
Artist spotlight of The Icon Factory
An image with an iPhone split down the middle. The left side is the original iPhone and Home Screen, the right side is a modern iPhone with the notch and no home button
A book spread with icons for music apps
Various music apps