PL Reunion

To celebrate 513 Day (May 13th), a group of folks from People’s Liberty got together and caught up for our first in person reunion for some time. The last one over Zoom was moving, but this allowed for easier catching up.

We gathered on a particularly vibrant afternoon at Findlay Market, overlooking the Globe building—the hub for the 5 year philanthropic experiment that brought us together.

Some fun awards shined light on folks, there was bending of elbows, sharing of stories and spreading of good vibes.

A public farmers market with colorful awnings and outdoor seating
Findlay Market
A brown bag with handles that has a stamp design that says Mighty Good Good Good with anthropomorphic cartoons of food items along the bottom
So very good

Afterward, I picked up dinner at Mighty Good and I liked it so much I tweeted about it (and I seldom tweet). Their BBQ, pot roast, fried chicken and sides changed my mind about leftovers. It was great the first time and better the second! (If you go, get some of the Tennessee hot slaw and white cheddar grits as sides.)