A calm connection

Started the day watching the Figma keynote to see new features folded into the collaborative design tool. Lots of good new updates but my favorite detail is that they changed the order of layers to be more natural. It’s a small thing, but prevents a hiccup in the mental model.

Extra awesome and also terrifying? All these features appeared in the app immediately.

In other news, I dug into the soil yesterday and planted some snapdragons that my friend Kathryn had dropped off.

First, I needed a trowel and soil for this hand painted pot my niece made.

Digging in the dirt, nudging earthworms to safety, shaking roots loose and getting each plant set in place—it’s such a calm connection.

A single snapdragon plant in a pot hand painted with primary colored cats and the words "Welcome to our home"
A housewarming gift from Gabrielle