A packed day

It all started with a text from my brother. He was in the neighborhood getting flyers printed.

“Free for brunch?” he asked.


Been working on this list of places with patio seating and now was a good time to test it out. We settled on Brontë Bistro which is connected to Joseph Beth Bookstore—very appropriate as this was Mother’s Day. (Mom loved going there.)

I’m the younger one. Go figure!

Used the early afternoon to mow, plant some flowers in the dirt (more on that later) and get ready for an evening dinner with Grace.

She stopped by with goodies from Germany and loads of stories and perspective.
Making notes to explore “What’s your moonshot?”… That far our idea that could take you in entirely new directions.

The evening could have gone on for many more hours, but alas, it was a school night and she was on a whirlwind of a tour.

A woman with clear framed glasses relaxes on an outdoor patio setting with a black and white striped shirt
Grace in stripes