A stack of books

There is no single stack of books, but this stack is by the couch (the morning light at the table made for a better snapshot). Something to grab and read on the porch, tote around for appointments, that sort of thing.

The continual ruse to shift time away from a screen.

Nothing against screens, but after a while pixels tend to sear a bit.

The Glass Hotel Emily St. John Mandel – Just few chapters to go. Not digging as much as Sea of Tranquility The ending chapters wrapped everything up in a thoughtful and somewhat haunting bow. Enjoyed! Recommended if you want to add some backstory to characters in Sea of Tranquility.

The Muse Jessie Burton – Reviews are mixed, not sure how this ended up here.

Run Rose Run Dolly Parton & James Patterson – It was half off and I was in a weak moment

The Sparrow Mary Doria Russell – Hat tip to Doug

Ten Steps to Nanette Hannah Gadsby – Thanks to Casey’s mom for this

The Weekday Vegetarians Jenny Rosenstrach – For the recipes, upon Austin’s rec.